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用 linux 上安装好的 root 用户,在~/.zshrc文件中设置Go路径:

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
$ ls $HOME/go
bin pkg src

$ ls $HOME/go/bin
asmfmt  dlv  errcheck  fillstruct  gocode  gocode-gomod  godef  gogetdoc  goimports  golint  gometalinter  gomodifytags  gorename  gotags  gounit  guru  iferr  impl  keyify  motion

但是go env却返回如下信息:

zsh: command not found: go



$ whereis go
go: /usr/local/go


export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/

运行Go env会返回:

zsh: permission denied: go
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  • duanqin9631 duanqin9631 2年前

    As commented, your ~/.zshrc should set PATH to reference Go, as seen in the Go wiki:

    Edit your ~/.zshrc file to add the following line:

    export GOPATH=$HOME/go

    Save and exit your editor. Then, source your ~/.zshrc.

    source ~/.zshrc

    As explained in the default GOPATH and issue 17262, you don't need to set GOPATH.

    But since Go 1.11 and its modules, you can now makes entire projects without ever using the default GOPATH at all: everything would remain local to your project.

    As of Go 1.11, the go command enables the use of modules when the current directory or any parent directory has a go.mod, provided the directory is outside $GOPATH/src.
    (Inside $GOPATH/src, for compatibility, the go command still runs in the old GOPATH mode, even if a go.mod is found)

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