2019-03-04 22:36
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I see no working examples, and I see a few pull requests that remain open. I would like to avoid going down the garden path.

There are also pull requests that make me think the golang target might be dead in the water.

So all I am really asking is should I steer clear of golang, or is the documentation just somewhere that google doesn't see :-)

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我没有看到可用的示例,并且看到一些拉开请求保持打开状态。 我想避免。 com / antlr / antlr4 / pull / 1807

还有一些请求,使我认为golang目标可能死在水中 antlr4 / issues / 2152

所以我真正要问的是我应该避开golang,还是文档只是Google看不到的地方:-)< / p>

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