2018-04-23 12:57
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Node.js / Golang AES 256解密

I have an encrypted string that I was able to decrypt in nodejs using the following code

let decrypt = crypto.createDecipheriv('aes-256-cbc-hmac-sha1', derived, iv);
let decrypted = decrypt.update(new_buf, 'binary', 'utf8') +'utf8');

I have to be able to decrypt the same buffer in a go program and I wrote this

fmt.Printf("buf size=%d
", len(derivedKey))
block, err := aes.NewCipher(derivedKey)
if err != nil {
", err)
    return ("0")
fmt.Printf("block size=%d
", block.BlockSize())
cbc := cipher.NewCBCDecrypter(block, ivKey)
fmt.Printf("cbc block size=%d
", cbc.BlockSize())
decr := make([]byte, len(encr))
cbc.CryptBlocks(decr, []byte(encr))

This isn't working (I suppose I won't be posting here otherwise :p) but I also noticed that when I print the length of the derived key I get 32 but when I read the block.BlockSize() or the cbc.BlockSize() I get 16 as an answer so I'm wondering if I don't have to setup something because it is detecting my algorithm as aes128 instead of aes256.

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我有一个加密的字符串,可以使用以下代码在nodejs中解密 \ n

  let解密= crypto.createDecipheriv('aes-256-cbc-hmac-sha1',派生,iv); 
let解密= crypto.update(new_buf,' 二进制','utf8')+'utf8'); 


  fmt.Printf(“ buf size =%d 
block,err:= aes.NewCipher(derivedKey)
if写道 != nil {
返回(“ 0”)
fmt.Printf(“ block size =%d 
”,block.BlockSize()  )
cbc:= cipher.NewCB​​CDecrypter(block,ivKey)
fmt.Printf(“ cbc block size =%d 
decr:= make([] byte,len(encr))  
cbc.CryptBlocks(decr,[] byte(encr))

这是行不通的(我想我不会在这里发布过:p) 但是我还注意到,当我打印派生密钥的长度时,我得到3 2,但是当我阅读block.BlockSize()或cbc.BlockSize()时,我得到16作为答案,所以我想知道是否不必设置某些内容,因为它检测到的算法是aes128而不是aes256。

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  • drxkx6149 2018-04-23 13:44

    Ok this is working well actually, the blocksize show isn't a problem, internally it creates the correct block for the aes256, my problem was because of the parameters sent to me that added padding on the "encr" variable. But the code on top works perfectly

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