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I'm making a Go website (small service), and didn't know how a page URL was verified as correct or not found 404. Eventually I learned that http request routers / multiplexers exist.

Example:    = go to page     = 404 not found page

Right now I only see one way to do this, you somehow have a list of articles the website has, and you pass it into the router somehow. How should you get that list of articles?

For a dynamic relational database site: Do you query your database for article titles, and make that a map string?

For static files on a static website: you use some http fileserver dir function in the router or net/http?

If so, for the database, does that mean you have to query your database every single time a page is visited? Or do you store the list of articles in a file or something and update it each time a new article is made?

Also, I would plan to use or similar.

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    duanliang8464 duanliang8464 2017-11-07 01:02

    Here's how to do it with the net/http router assuming that everything after /articles/animals/ in the path is the id of an article:

    Register the handler using a trailing slash for match on all paths with the prefix `/articles/animals/':

    mux.HandleFunc("/articles/animals/", animalHandler)

    In the handler, strip the /articles/animals/ to get the id of the article. Look up the article in the database. Respond with 404 if not there.

    func animalHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
      id := strings.TrimPrefix(r.URL.Path, "/articles/animals/"))
      article, err := queryArticleByID(id) 
      if err == errNotFound {
         http.Error(w, "internal error", http.StatusNotFound)
      } else if err != nil {
         http.Error(w, "internal error", http.StatusInternalError)
      ... render the article

    This example assumes that the queryArticleByID() function queries the database and returns errNotFound if no article is present for the give id.

    Regarding caching: The queryArticleByID() can check a cache before querying the database. Any caching is independent of how routing is handled.

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