2017-04-04 20:26
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I would like to debug my revel application with Jetbrain's gogland built in debugger but gogland run configuration allowing to setup either package or file run scenario not debug process started by revel run myapp.

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我想使用内置于调试器中的Jetbrain gogland调试我的revel应用程序,但是gogland运行配置允许设置程序包或 文件运行方案不是由 revel run myapp 启动的调试过程。

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  • douzhi3779 2017-12-27 13:55

    Now Gogland is Goland

    I find official manual for create debug-config. I'll post here if you do not mind...


    1. Create your project, for this example i will be using canonical “revel new github.com/myaccount/my-app”
    2. “revel run github.com/myaccount/my-app” to generate tmp/main.go - this file is needed by intellij
    3. Shutdown the running server
    4. Create run configuration and in “Program arguments” add “-importPath github.com\myaccount\my-app -srcPath \src -runMode dev"
    5. Point “File” to \src\github.com\myaccount\my-app\app\tmp\main.go
    6. In “before launch” add “Run external tool”. There: Program: \binevel(.exe) Paramerets: build github.com/myaccount/my-app

    It works for Linux&Windows

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  • dsfsad089111 2017-04-05 00:09

    AFAIK, Gogland built-in debugger is delve.

    I think you must try run debug with option attach:

    Attach to an already running process and begin debugging it.
    This command will cause Delve to take control of an already running process, and
    begin a new debug session.  When exiting the debug session you will have the
    option to let the process continue or kill it.
      dlv attach pid [flags]

    I don't have installed gogland now, but I had similar problem in past.

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