2017-01-02 23:15
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带有AWS S3和goamz的Golang中不受支持的协议方案“”

Trying to upload file bytes to S3 AWS, using the goamz/s3 package in Go (lang).

My code is:

var (
    awsAuth aws.Auth
    region aws.Region
    connection s3.S3
    bucket *s3.Bucket
func init() {

    // Set up the AWS S3 Connection config.
    awsAuth = aws.Auth{
        AccessKey: os.Getenv("ACCESS_KEY"), // change this to yours
        SecretKey: os.Getenv("SECRET_KEY"),
    fmt.Println("AWS: ", awsAuth)
    region := aws.EUWest    
    connection := s3.New(awsAuth, region)

    bucket = connection.Bucket(os.Getenv("S3_BUCKET")) // change this your bucket name
func uploadToS3(filename string, byteArray *[]byte) error {

    var err error
    //should check if file already uploaded, encrypted by this password
    fmt.Printf("[uploadToS3] starting upload of %s
", filename)

    err = bucket.Put(filename, *byteArray, "text/plain; charset=utf-8", s3.PublicRead)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Printf("[uploadToS3] error uploading: %s
", err)
        return err
    } else {
        fmt.Printf("[uploadToS3] done uploading %s
", filename)    
        return nil

    return nil // redundancy

I get the error

[uploadToS3] error uploading: Put /filename: unsupported protocol scheme ""

Reading from here: unsupported protocol scheme while creating ec2 Security group it reckons that its because the region is incorrect, however as you can see I am setting that in the init() function so I don't know what else it could be

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

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  • doudg60800
    doudg60800 2017-01-03 11:29

    To anyone who might have the same issue. It is an error you get when the bucket name is not set. Seems stupid, but I was running this inside docker, and had forgot to tell docker what the enviroment variable was that held the bucket name. Therefore when I did echo $S3_BUCKET on my terminal, I got the bucket name, and therefore thought all was good. However I didn't test that inside the docker container. Fool on me.

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