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I try to receive the list of processes using go-ole library:

    package main

    import (

    func main() {
        defer ole.CoUninitialize()

        unknown, _ := oleutil.CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
        defer unknown.Release()

        wmi, _ := unknown.QueryInterface(ole.IID_IDispatch)
        defer wmi.Release()

        serviceRaw, _ := oleutil.CallMethod(wmi, "ConnectServer")
        service := serviceRaw.ToIDispatch()
        defer service.Release()

        resultRaw, _ := oleutil.CallMethod(service, "ExecQuery", "SELECT * FROM Win32_Process")
        result := resultRaw.ToIDispatch()
        defer result.Release()

        countVar, _ := oleutil.GetProperty(result, "Count")
        count := int(countVar.Val)

        for i :=0; i < count; i++ {
            itemRaw, _ := oleutil.CallMethod(result, "ItemIndex", i)
            item := itemRaw.ToIDispatch()
            defer item.Release()

            processName, _ := oleutil.GetProperty(item, "Name")

but I cannot receive the owner of process, call method GetOwner

ownerRaw, _ := oleutil.CallMethod(item, "GetOwner")

because GetOwner return value is int32

    uint32 GetOwner(
      [out] string User,
      [out] string Domain

How it is possible to receive the owner as string for each process?

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  • doulun1666 doulun1666 2019-02-21 22:42

    It took me a while to figure this out.

    The GetOwner method is expecting you to pass two string parameters. These strings will contain the results of the method call.

    var user ole.VARIANT
    var domain ole.VARIANT
    res, err := oleutil.CallMethod(item, "GetOwner", &user, &domain)
    fmt.Printf("user: %v\tdomain: %v", user.ToString(), domain.ToString())

    To get the SID you do the same thing:

     var sid ole.VARIANT
     res, err := oleutil.CallMethod(item, "GetOwnerSid", &sid)
     fmt.Printf("sid: %v
    ", sid.ToString())

    Hope this helps.


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