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I have a collector module that pulls a remote API every 30 seconds. That gives me a list of objects that I insert or update in a MongoDB database.

   "id" : "oulkhhvoiupokb",
   "name" : "test1",
   "status" : "OPEN"
   "id" : "oulkhhvoisksbsjkkb",
   "name" : "test2",
   "status" : "CLOSED"

In fact, I only collect the objects that have the OPEN status. And with a loop, I set the rest of the object as CLOSED (because they are not OPEN). But in the future, it will take a lot of time because the amont of object will grow.

I work with Golang and MGO package.

Is there a way to do it faster and cleaner please ? Something like setting a basic field value for Mongo documents ?

To explain it differently, when I will insert the OPEN objects in the database, all the other ones that are already in database must be CLOSED. Can Mongo do it ?


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    doutu4335 doutu4335 2017-08-30 14:20

    Solution was to use func (c *Collection) UpdateAll(selector interface{}, update interface{}) (info *ChangeInfo, err error) with the $nin for the selector and $set for the update.

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