2017-08-14 12:47


  • mesos

I'm currently trying to deploy Eremetic (version 0.28.0) on top of Marathon using the configuration provided as an example. I actually have been able to deploy it once, but suddenly, after trying to redeploy it, the framework stays inactive.

By inspecting the logs I noticed a constant attempt to connect to some service that apparently never succeeds because of some authentication problem.

2017/08/14 12:30:45 Connected to [REDACTED_MESOS_MASTER_ADDRESS]
2017/08/14 12:30:45 Authentication failed: EOF

It looks like the service returning an error is ZooKeeper and more precisely it looks like the error can be traced back to this line in the Go ZooKeeper library. ZooKeeper however seems to work: I've tried to query it directly with zkCli and to run a small Spark job (where the Mesos master is given with zk:// URL) and everything seems to work.

Unfortunately I'm not able to diagnose the problem further, what could it be?

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  • douyong4842 douyong4842 4年前

    It turned out to be a configuration problem. The master URL was simply wrong and this is how the error was reported.

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