2015-08-15 12:59
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I am encountering the following Problem: When I try to add the Go-SDK to my Project, and select the GOROOT-Path (C:\Lib\Go), I get an IllegalArgumentException.

I googled it, and lots of People are encountering this issue. One solution would be the Installation of a later golang-plugin for IntelliJ which is currently in the Alpha, but however when I download the source from github and open it in IntelliJ, I get lots of Errors, so I am unable to build it and create an executble jar-plugin. I think all dependencies should be directly in the Project integrated?!

Do you know other Solutions, or maybe an IDE with similiar Features like IntelliJ.

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我遇到以下问题: 当我尝试将Go-SDK添加到我的项目中并选择 GOROOT-Path(C:\ Lib \ Go),我收到一个 IllegalArgumentException

我用Google搜索了它,很多人都遇到了这个问题。 一个 解决方案是为Alpha当前安装一个更高版本的IntelliJ golang插件,但是当我从github下载源代码并在IntelliJ中打开它时,出现很多错误,因此无法构建和创建 一个可执行的jar插件。 我认为所有依赖项都应该直接集成到Project中吗?!


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