2015-01-16 20:46
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asn1 go(客户端证书身份验证)

I am trying to get client side cert auth working and after reading I realised I needed to parse some asn1.

The structure I'm trying to use is this:

type PublicKeyAndChallenge struct {
    Spki asn1.BitString
    Challenge asn1.BitString

type SignedPublicKeyAndChallenge struct{
    PublicKeyAndChallenge PublicKeyAndChallenge
    SignitureAlgorithm  asn1.BitString
    Signiture asn1.BitString

I decode the base64 encoded asn1 into a []byte, then I try to unmarshal the asn1 into the structure.

signeeKeySigned := make([]byte, 2048)
    _ , err = base64.StdEncoding.Decode(signeeKeySigned, signeePubKeySigned)
    if ( err != nil ){
    //Parse should be asn.1 encoded
    var signee SignedPublicKeyAndChallenge
    _, err = asn1.Unmarshal(signeeKeySigned, &signee)
    if err != nil {

I am getting a structure error so I believe my structure in go must not be correct, but I am not able to figure it out.

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