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为什么打包代码没有正文? [重复]

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I wondered coding style of go package when studying exporting packaging.

and found that the code of package in source(ex:"math", "fmt") has

function begins with a capital letter but no body.

I just follow this code but doesn't work.

Anyone who explain why??

func Abs(x float64) float64

func abs(x float64) float64 {
    switch {
    case x < 0:
        return -x
    case x == 0:
        return 0 // return correctly abs(-0)
    return x
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    douyi5822 douyi5822 2015-08-09 16:57

    those functions are implemented in Assembler ( there are platform specific implementations for them: take a look at e.g.:



    func Abs(x float64) float64

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