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I am trying to write a file from a bash command into a file in Go. Note there are several reasons for using Go over bash here: I have some more logic such as parsing configuration files, I would like to run that code for multiple DBs in parallele and finally performing some more complex data manipulation after.

    dumpStr := fmt.Sprintf("pg_dump -U %s -h %s %s | gzip", DbUserName, DbHost, DbName)
    cmd := exec.Command("bash", "-c", dumpStr)
    cmd.Env = append(cmd.Env, "PGPASSWORD="+DbPassword)

    outfile, err := os.Create(DbName + ".gz")
    if err != nil {
    outfile = cmd.Stdout
    defer outfile.Close()
    err = cmd.Start()
    if err != nil {

However, I am getting an emtpy result. I am getting data if I am executing dumpStr from the CLI but not from that code... What am I missing?

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