2018-12-17 13:50
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Golang mongo-go-driver Beta 1,使用大于运算符

I have been trying to get records greater than an _id provided The code is below

filter = bson.M{"_id": bson.M{"$gt": "5c1760b4bd421c09e0f3140c"}}
cur, err := collection.Find(ctx, filter, &options)

But iam always getting null values. I think i need to convert that id to object id But iam not sure how to do it in latest release There is a bson.TypeObjectID shown in predictions . Can someone please provide some details to do this.? Thanks

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  • dspym82000 2018-12-17 13:54

    You need to compare ObjectID to ObjectID. What you are doing is comparing an ObjectID to a string.

    objectID, _ := primitive.ObjectIDFromHex("5c1760b4bd421c09e0f3140c")
    filter = bson.M{"_id": bson.M{"$gt": objectID}}
    cur, err := collection.Find(ctx, filter, &options)
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