2019-01-21 10:28
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IBM Cloud-Cloud Foundry App Go部署失败

I am trying to start a Go Cloud Foundry App on IBM Cloud but the deploying is not working. The error states

  Unable to determine Go version to install: no match found for 1.8.3 in 
  1.6.3 1.6.4 1.7.5 1.7.6 1.8.6 1.8.7 1.9.3 1.9.4 1.10]

Is this something I can fix or is this something IBM Cloud needs to fix? I work at IBM so any IBM employee can contact me through our internal communication systems preferable slack.

The full build error is

Getting app info...
Updating app with these attributes...
  name:                go-logs
  path:                /home/pipeline/452c2d32-763b-4da7-ba9a-c6447b37016c
  disk quota:          1G
  health check type:   port
  instances:           1
  memory:              128M
  stack:               cflinuxfs2

Updating app [36;1mgo-logs[0m...
Mapping routes...
Comparing local files to remote cache...
Packaging files to upload...
Uploading files...

 0 B / 27.80 KiB    0.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00%
 27.80 KiB / 27.80 KiB  100.00% 1s

Waiting for API to complete processing files...

Staging app and tracing logs...
   Downloading python_buildpack...
   Downloading liberty-for-java_v3_26-20181023-1545...
   Downloading sdk-for-nodejs_v3_25-20181219-1036...
   Downloading swift_buildpack_v2_0_15-20180920-0051...
   Downloading liberty-for-java...
   Downloaded sdk-for-nodejs_v3_25-20181219-1036
   Downloading sdk-for-nodejs...
   Downloaded liberty-for-java_v3_26-20181023-1545
   Downloading dotnet-core...
   Downloaded swift_buildpack_v2_0_15-20180920-0051
   Downloading swift_buildpack...
   Downloaded python_buildpack
   Downloading staticfile_buildpack...
   Downloaded liberty-for-java
   Downloading java_buildpack...
   Downloaded swift_buildpack
   Downloading ruby_buildpack...
   Downloaded sdk-for-nodejs
   Downloading nodejs_buildpack...
   Downloaded dotnet-core
   Downloading go_buildpack...
   Downloaded staticfile_buildpack
   Downloading liberty-for-java_v3_27-20181130-1702...
   Downloaded java_buildpack
   Downloading swift_buildpack_v2_0_16-20181214-0434...
   Downloaded ruby_buildpack
   Downloading php_buildpack...
   Downloaded nodejs_buildpack
   Downloading xpages_buildpack...
   Downloaded go_buildpack
   Downloading sdk-for-nodejs_v3_24-20181128-1339...
   Downloaded liberty-for-java_v3_27-20181130-1702
   Downloading binary_buildpack...
   Downloaded swift_buildpack_v2_0_16-20181214-0434
   Downloading dotnet-core_v2_0-20180918-1356...
   Downloaded sdk-for-nodejs_v3_24-20181128-1339
   Downloading dotnet-core_v2_1-20181205-1536...
   Downloaded xpages_buildpack
   Downloaded binary_buildpack
   Downloaded php_buildpack
   Downloaded dotnet-core_v2_0-20180918-1356
   Downloaded dotnet-core_v2_1-20181205-1536
   Cell 49d42072-0d96-446e-ae6f-b172ba8b41d3 creating container for instance f786b6b1-1abc-445b-a7fe-6bdc8c8adbcc
   Cell 49d42072-0d96-446e-ae6f-b172ba8b41d3 successfully created container for instance f786b6b1-1abc-445b-a7fe-6bdc8c8adbcc
   Downloading app package...
   Downloaded app package (27.5K)
   -----> Go Buildpack version 1.8.20
   -----> Checking Godeps/Godeps.json file
   -----> Installing godep v80
          Download []
   -----> Installing glide v0.13.1
          Download []
   -----> Installing dep v0.4.1
          Download []
          [31;1m**ERROR**[0m Unable to determine Go version to install: no match found for 1.8.3 in [1.6.3 1.6.4 1.7.5 1.7.6 1.8.6 1.8.7 1.9.3 1.9.4 1.10]
   [31mFailed to compile droplet: Failed to run all supply scripts: exit status 16[0m
   Exit status 223
Error staging application: App staging failed in the buildpack compile phase

Finished: FAILED
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  • dsf12313 2019-01-21 11:09

    Looks like the Go version you are using in your application is not a supported Cloud Foundry Go buildpack version on IBM Cloud. The same is mentioned in the build error as well. As per the documentation here,

    The following Go versions are available in the Go buildpack currently installed in IBM Cloud:

    1.6.3 1.6.4 1.7.5 1.7.6 1.8.6 1.8.7 1.9.3 1.9.4 1.10

    If your app requires a Go version that is not listed, you can use the external Go buildpack to deploy the application.

    To check the latest supported buildpacks, you can always run this command

    ibmcloud cf buildpacks
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