2015-06-23 04:12
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I am trying to learn more about making some cool CLI interfaces to provide the options for some local scripts. By digging into the source of the yeoman-generator I was able to come across inquirer for Node, which is how I learned that it was possible. (Example of what it looks like below)

Specifically I want to be able to do something like display a list of checkboxes and use some key to select multiple options and then continue.

Is anyone familiar with any packages/modules for other CLI languages that would allow me to do something similar? I like Node, but do not generally use it for scripting. Something in Python, Ruby or Go (I just started playing with Go) would be ideal


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我正在尝试学习有关制作一些很棒的CLI界面以为某些本地脚本提供选项的更多信息。 通过挖掘 yeoman-generator 的源,我得以发现 inquirer for Node,这是我了解到这是可能的。 (如下所示的示例)</ p>

具体来说,我希望能够执行一些操作,例如显示复选框列表并使用一些键选择多个选项,然后继续。</ p >

是否有人熟悉其他CLI语言的任何软件包/模块,这些软件包/模块将允许我做类似的事情? 我喜欢Node,但通常不将其用于脚本编写。 用Python,Ruby或Go(我刚开始使用Go玩)会很理想</ p>

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