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I am Making a command line tool for sending an email where I am using urfave/cli package from golang i had made the application where everything is working properly but got stuck with one string replacement part.

Basically, I want to convert a string




I tried regex substitution but that didn't give me an accurate result. so I manipulate my code where I used String.Split separated by ',' but after that the look around got complex. can anyone help me with this

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    dongmiao4733 dongmiao4733 2019-01-10 12:12

    To convert the value, simply run something like:

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        input := "info@gmail.com,vik@hotmail.com,myemailid@yahoo.com"
        emails := strings.Join(Map(strings.Split(input, ","), func(in string) string {
            return fmt.Sprintf(`"%s"`, in)
        }), ",")
        fmt.Printf("%v", emails)
    func Map(vs []string, f func(string) string) []string {
        vsm := make([]string, len(vs))
        for i, v := range vs {
            vsm[i] = f(v)
        return vsm


    Good luck.

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