doudu2591 2017-12-13 00:19
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外部链接crypto / rc4.a失败

I'm having issues compiling code that deep somewhere in itself it tries to link to go's crypto/rc4 but returns with the following linking error:

truncated object file: /usr/local/go/pkg/linux_amd64/crypto/rc4.a: EOF
crypto/rc4.NewCipher: call to external function
crypto/rc4.init: call to external function
crypto/tls.cipherRC4: relocation target crypto/rc4.NewCipher not defined
crypto/tls.cipherRC4: relocation target type.*crypto/rc4.Cipher not defined
crypto/tls.init: relocation target crypto/rc4.init not defined
crypto/tls.cipherRC4: undefined: "crypto/rc4.NewCipher"
crypto/tls.cipherRC4: undefined: "type.*crypto/rc4.Cipher"
crypto/tls.init: undefined: "crypto/rc4.init"

The following are my go variables:


My Go version is : go version go1.9.2 linux/amd64

I've made sure that there is only one version of Go installed. I'm at my wits end.

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  • duanli3277 2017-12-13 00:56

    This is a badly-extracted Go install with missing or partial files. A fresh install (with no errors) fixes the issue.

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