2017-07-15 07:49
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如何使用golang微服务? [关闭]

My company use Go to build some HTTP API services. We want these services share one HTTP port.

So the solution right now is we create a project named router, and router import some modules, every request pass through router to their own modules.
But the question is that if one of these modules process crashed, the router just crash.

Is there any solutions?


  1. One http port.
  2. Every service is independent.

I know go-kit and go micro, also I have tried, but still not too understand.

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我的公司使用Go来构建一些HTTP API服务。 我们希望这些服务共享一个HTTP端口。 </ p>

但是问题是,如果 这些模块之一崩溃了,路由器崩溃了。</ p>

有什么解决方案吗?</ p>

要求:</ p> < ol>

  • 一个http端口。</ li>
  • 每个服务都是独立的。</ li> </ ol>

    我知道go-kit和go micro ,我也尝试过,但仍然不太了解。</ p> </ div>

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