2017-08-14 20:12
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Golang has these two similar libs http and httptest and they both have the NewRequest func.

Why do we even need the httptest.NewRequest if http.NewRequest does it all?

If I need to create a multipart/multiform request for my tests, which one do I need to use?

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Golang具有这两个类似的库,分别是 http httptest 它们都具有 NewRequest 功能。

如果 http.NewRequest 全部完成,为什么我们甚至需要 httptest.NewRequest


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  • dongshai1944 2017-08-14 20:27

    As indicated in the documentation, httptest.NewRequest "returns a new incoming server Request, suitable for passing to an http.Handler for testing", while http.NewRequest "returns a Request suitable for use with Client.Do or Transport.RoundTrip." So, if you're passing the request directly to the handler in a unit test, use httptest.NewRequest, and if you're executing a full round-trip using http.Client, use http.NewRequest.

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