2018-01-22 08:35
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获取redis golang的队列长度

I am using go-redis package. I fired below query:


Which returning me below result with type *redis.IntCmd:

llen queue_1: 100001

Count is perfect but I want only count with type of int. Can anyone help?

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我正在使用 go-redis 软件包。 我在下面的查询中触发:

  rd.LLen(“ queue_1”)

其中以下返回我的结果为 键入 * redis.IntCmd

  llen queue_1:100001 

计数为 完美,但我只希望使用 int 类型进行计数。 有人可以帮忙吗?

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  • doushi3189 2018-01-22 08:39

    the LLen func looks like: func (c *cmdable) LLen(key string) *IntCmd

    So it returns an IntCmd type. IntCmd provides this function: func (cmd *IntCmd) Val() int64

    So you can do e.g.

    cmd := rd.LLen("queue_1")
    i := cmd.Val() //i will be an int64 type
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