2016-08-09 17:22
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I am new to Go and started learning recently. I have come across tickers and timers. In the tickers, we can create a ticker in two ways

throttler := time.Tick(time.Millisecond * 50)
<- throttler

throttler := time.NewTicker(time.Millisecond * 500)
<- throttler.C

What is the difference between them other than syntax?

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  • doucuoyan0426 2016-08-09 17:24

    From the time.Tick documentation:

    Tick is a convenience wrapper for NewTicker providing access to the ticking channel only. While Tick is useful for clients that have no need to shut down the Ticker, be aware that without a way to shut it down the underlying Ticker cannot be recovered by the garbage collector; it "leaks".

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