2017-03-06 22:22
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I'm coding in golang some tools to make my life easier and I'm not understanding at all how the types in the net package works. This is part of my code:

import (

type configFile struct {
    gateway, net             net.IP
    mask, port               int
    telnetUser, telnetPasswd string

var dataConfig configFile

func createConfigFile() {
    reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)    
    fmt.Println("Let's fill te config file for the application.")
    fmt.Println("Which is your gateway IP?")
    readGateway, err := reader.ReadString('
    if err != nil {

    dataConfig.gateway = net.ParseIP(readGateway)

    if dataConfig.gateway == nil {
        log.Fatal("Problem here")
    } else {
        fmt.Println("Your gateway is: ", dataConfig.gateway.String())


My problem is the next:

I want to read an IP address from the command line and storage it in the configFile object, which I will user later to create a .json file with all the configuration of my program.

When I read from the command line the IP address the readGateway variable storages it ok, that's expected, but when I try to make dataConfig.gateway = net.ParseIP(readGateway) and I try to cast the string object to a net.IP object I'm always getting a nill in the dataConfig.gateway field, so I'm not able to work with that parameter neither convert it to a string.

Could somebody help me? Thanks in advance.

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我正在用golang编写一些工具,这些工具可以使我的生活更轻松,并且我根本不了解类型 在净包工程。 这是我的代码的一部分:

“ bufio” 
“ fmt” 
“ log” 
“ net” 
“ os” 
type configFile结构{
网关,net net.IP 
var dataConfig configFile 
func createConfigFile(){
读者 := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
 readGateway,错误:=  reader.ReadString('
如果错误!= nil {
 dataConfig.gateway = net.ParseIP(readGateway)
如果dataConfig.gateway  == nil {
} \  n   


我想从命令行读取IP地址并将其存储在configFile中 对象,稍后我将用它创建一个 .json 文件w

当我从命令行读取IP地址时, readGateway 变量可以正常存储,这是正常的,但是当我尝试 制作 dataConfig.gateway = net.ParseIP(readGateway) ,然后尝试将字符串对象转换为 net.IP 对象,但我总是得到< dataConfig.gateway 字段中的code> nill ,因此我无法使用该参数,也无法将其转换为字符串。

有人可以帮助我吗? 提前谢谢。

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  • drap5081683 2017-03-06 22:45

    bufio.Reader.ReadString's docs explain (emphasis mine)

    ReadString reads until the first occurrence of delim in the input, returning a string containing the data up to and including the delimiter

    So readGateway ends up looking like " ". Your newline delimiter would not exist in a properly formatted IP address, which means when you parse it with net.ParseIP it's kicking it out as nil.

    You can use strings.TrimRight to trim out the newline:

    readGateway, err := reader.ReadString('
    if err != nil {
    readGateway = strings.TrimRight(readGateway, "
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  • douhe3313 2017-03-06 22:36

    The documentation of net.ParseIP(s string) states that if the string s provided is not a valid textual representation of an IP address the function will return a nil value, so that must be the case.

    Please log the string s before calling net.ParseIP so you can check if you are passing and reading it properly in the program.

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