2015-07-31 11:22
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I have a some json data where there is a field called lastModifed contains time in millis. I wanted to convert this data into a struct type with json.UnMarshaller. I have mapped the field with json filed. But the conversion seems not working.

IE :

My Json looks like this:

   "name" : "hello",
   "lastModified" : 1438167001716

and struct Looks like

type Model struct {
    Name         string    `json:"name"`
    Lastmodified time.Time `json:"lastModified"`

looks not converting the time properly. how can i get the time from those millis??

NB: The millis of lastModifiedTime are getting from java System.currentTimeMillis();

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我有一些json数据,其中有一个名为 lastModifed 的字段,以毫秒为单位 。 我想用json.UnMarshaller将此数据转换为结构类型。 我已经用json字段映射了该字段。 但是转换似乎无法正常工作。



“ name”:“ hello”,
“ lastModified”:1438167001716 

,结构看起来像 \ n

名称字符串`json:“ name”`
上次修改时间。时间`json:“ lastModified”`


注意:lastModifiedTime的毫秒数是从java System.currentTimeMillis(); \ n

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  • dongxian6741
    dongxian6741 2015-07-31 11:38

    In golang time.Time marshals to JSON using RFC3339, string representation. So you need to unmarshal your json using int64 instead of time.Time and convert after it by yourself:

    type Model struct {
        Name   string `json:"name"`
        Millis int64  `json:"lastModified"`
    func (m Model) Lastmodified() time.Time {
        return time.Unix(0, m.Millis * int64(time.Millisecond))

    Go playground

    Also you can use special wrapper above time.Time and override UnmarshalJSON there:

    type Model struct {
        Name         string   `json:"name"`
        Lastmodified javaTime `json:"lastModified"`
    type javaTime time.Time
    func (j *javaTime) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error {
        millis, err := strconv.ParseInt(string(data), 10, 64)
        if err != nil {
            return err
        *j = javaTime(time.Unix(0, millis * int64(time.Millisecond)))
        return nil

    Go playground

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