dongshang1979 2018-01-11 03:01
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如何在Google App Engine标准环境下的Gorilla会话中避免内存泄漏?

I'm using Gorilla to enable session variables on Google App Engine. So far I imported "" only, but Gorilla's page says:

If you aren't using gorilla/mux, you need to wrap your handlers with context.ClearHandler as or else you will leak memory! An easy way to do this is to wrap the top-level mux when calling http.ListenAndServe:

http.ListenAndServe(":8080", context.ClearHandler(http.DefaultServeMux))

My question is how do I adapt this for the App Engine Standard Environment, which as far as I know does not use http.ListenAndServe by default. My code looks like this:

package test

import (

func init() {
    http.HandleFunc("/", handler)

func handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

    var cookiestore =  sessions.NewCookieStore([]byte("somesecret"))
    session, _ := cookiestore.Get(r, "session")
    session.Values["foo"] = "bar"

    fmt.Fprintf(w, "session value is %v", session.Values["foo"])


Would I get a memory leak this way?

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