2014-12-11 04:46
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I'm wanting to match ^(@|\s)*{{string}}:? whereas {{string}} is dynamically defined. It may have periods and dashes and any number of things in it and I really need for it to be escaped.

PHP provides a preg_quote method that escapes all special characters safely. I was wondering if Go provides any sort of analog.

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我要匹配 ^(@ | \ s)* {{string}} :? ,而{{string}}是动态定义的。 它可能包含句点和破折号以及许多内容,我真的需要对它进行转义。

PHP提供了一个 preg_quote 方法,可以转义所有特殊的 字符安全。 我想知道Go是否提供任何形式的模拟。

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  • douyanxing6054 2014-12-11 04:57

    regexp.QuoteMeta does the deed.

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