2016-07-06 21:25
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I know about ToUpper and ToLower from strings package but obviously they won't help here. Is there a built-in function or do I have to write one myself?

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我从字符串包中了解ToUpper和ToLower,但显然它们在这里没有帮助。 有内置功能还是我必须自己写一个?

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  • dongtang1966 2016-07-06 21:34

    You need to write one yourself, but the building blocks are already in the standard library:

    func swapCase(s string) string {
        return strings.Map(func(r rune) rune {
            switch {
            case unicode.IsLower(r):
                return unicode.ToUpper(r)
            case unicode.IsUpper(r):
                return unicode.ToLower(r)
            return r
        }, s)
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