2012-01-13 01:09

GAE Go Json-RPC调用示例


I'm trying to understand how to use Json-RPC calls in Google Go that would be used in a Google App Engine app. So far I understand that I somehow should call rpc.Client.Dial, but I don't understand what the "network" and "address" parameters should be. Can anyone provide a sample, working code that demonstrates how to use Json-RPC in Go?

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  • dtjo51649 dtjo51649 9年前

    I have already written an answer to your question on the go-nuts group, but for completeness, here it is:

    Go's jsonrpc package isn't compatible with GAE yet.

    Reference: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/google-appengine-go/uQ0cv0m9j0E/H3VCrFgEWvcJ

    It's probably a good idea to read the full thread there, since it describes the limitations on GAE nicely and links to a patched library with lots of workarounds... The issue is already known, but has not been solved yet.

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