Two Famous Companies 程序的思路

Problem Description
In China, there are two companies offering the Internet service for the people from all cities: China Telecom and China Unicom. They both are planning to build cables between cities. Obviously, the government wants to connect all the cities in minimum costs. So the minister of finance Mr. B wants to choose some of the
cable plans from the two companies and calculate the minimum cost needed to connect all the cities. Mr. B knows that N-1 cables should be built in order to connect all N cities of China. For some honorable reason, Mr. B should choose K cables from the China Telecom and the rest N-1-K cables from the China Unicom. Your job is to help Mr. B determine which cables should be built and the minimum cost to build them. You may assume that the solution always exists.

Each test case starts with a line containing the number of cities N (1 <= N <= 50,000), number of cable plans M (N-1 <= M <= 100,000) and the number of required
cables from China Telecom K (0 <= K <= N-1). This is followed by M lines, each containing four integers a, b, c, x (0 <= a, b <= N-1, a != b, 1 <= c <= 100, x in {0,1} indicating the pair of cities this cable will connect, the cost to build this cable and the company this cable plan belongs to. x=0 denotes that the cable plan belongs to China Telecom and x=1 denotes that the cable plan is from China Unicom.

For each test case, display the case number and the minimum cost of the cable building.

Sample Input
2 2 1
0 1 1 1
0 1 2 0
2 2 0
0 1 1 1
0 1 2 0

Sample Output
Case 1: 2
Case 2: 1

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