Liner programm 中如何把实际问题转化成方程组。

Food Distribution No Poverty and Zero Hunger are listed as the top two Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. Food rescue service provides a promising way to reduce food waste, overcome food insecurity and improve environmental sustainability. Organizations providing food rescue service rescue the surplus food from different food providers and redistributing to local communities that are in need of food. For questions 6 and 7, you will help a food rescue organization FS to decide how to redistribute the food in an efficient way. The problem is abstracted in the following way: There are M food providers (referred to as providers) and N local communities in need of food (referred to as communities). Community j needs at least Cj integer units of food. The transportation cost per unit of food from provider i to community j is Ti,j. When transporting food from a provider to a community, trucks cannot be overweight. All trucks have the same weight limit per truck, and only one truck moves between provider i and community j. The food coming from provider i has weight Wiper unit. We need to determine the integer number of food units to transport from each provider to each community, while meeting the above constraints and minimizing transportation costs.图片说明

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