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jQuery XML解析器

I would like to have a html5 video player (basic tag), and call an external xml file in orderto load and play an ad before the main video.

This is currently working but I would like to have the cleanest and most multiplatform as possible:

function callAd() {
    type: "GET",    
    url: myexternal_file,
    success: function(xml){
            var preroll = $(this)['context']['textContent'];
            var video = document.getElementById("video1");  
            video.src = preroll;

And as soon as the page loads, call the callAd function with my external xml. How should I proceed whenever the external url isn't acessible?


EDIT: Sorry, the question isn't clear. I would like to know how to correctly parse a XML using javascript/jquery and how should I correctly listen for events coming from this function.

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