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User keys in search parameters, then we make a request to a data provider and redirect user to a loading page. The response from the data provider hits a callback url, in which case we parse the results and store about 200 rows into the db. Meanwhile the loading page uses ajax to query the db every second and when the results are all there we display the results to the user.

The issue is that insert into the mysql db is too slow. We know the response back from the data provider comes back within seconds, but the processing of the script and inserting of rows into the db is very slow. We do use multirow insert.

Any suggestions to improve? FYI, the code is hugely long... that's why not displaying right now.

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  • weixin_33696822 2016-04-24 18:31

    There are multitude of factors affecting your insertions:

    1) slow hardware and bad server speeds. Sol : Contact your server administrator

    2) Use something other than InnoDB

    3) Use a surrogate key , other than your primary key that is numeric and sequential along with your natural primary key.


    4) Try this https://stackoverflow.com/a/2223062/3391466.




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