2012-01-13 04:21
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I was checking the source page of facebook . I found a function which frequently used there . the line was


I cant understand what the line means and what implodeQuery .

I also need th same function for php .

Please help me ! thanks

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我正在检查facebook的源页面。 我发现那里经常使用的功能。 线是

  input_len = URI.implodeQuery(this.data).length


我无法理解该行的含义以及 implodeQuery


请帮助我! 谢谢     

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  • weixin_33713707
    weixin_33713707 2012-01-13 04:29

    URI.implodeQuery appears to serialize the passed object into a query string (for something like a GET request). This functions much like jQuery.param().

    From the JavaScript console on Facebook:

    > URI.implodeQuery({'greeting':'hello','number':2,'vegetable':'carrot'});
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  • csdnceshi64
    游.程 2012-01-13 04:33

    URI.implodeQuery() is not native to javascript.

    It's a method defined somewhere else in the Facebook code.

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