Im getting kind of desperate with a caching issue. Im calling jsp sites via AJAX and I simply wont get the updatet code back but rather an older version. The same happens when I delete browser cache AND the server cache. I read about using timestamps in the url which sounded reasonable. So I added that but the content will simply not update. Very rarely I get it to work by spamming my code with random out.println commands that print out random strings. Obviously thats not very efficient.. heh

Any idea what might be the issue? This is serioulsy making me go crazy.


Ok some updates on the situation: * It seems the browser is not the culprit. Did some testing with Mozilla and IE. It seems there is still some caching happening at the server for some reason. * Also apparantly its not only happening when doing AJAX request, I just had the same problem on the index.jsp.

I'm not really sure anymore if its of use to post the sources on the AJAX stuff, considering I get the same problem without AJAX. I ll take a look at the server settings again and see if something got messed up in there.

2013/03/16 10:31
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