I have been trying to create an ajax request in codeigniter. I've seen this question: Simple Ajax/Codeigniter request but I wasn't able to absorb that as there were the answers in which people were using PHP inside Javascript. I didn't know it was possible, however I gave that a try but it seems like the PHP wasn't being executed.

So here are my questions:

  1. Is it really possible to use PHP inside Javascript, or am I mistaken?
  2. What's the right way to perform an Ajax request in Codeigniter? What I've tried is the following:

var param = {name : event_name, date : event_date, time : event_time};

                // As seen from the question here at stackoverflow.
                url : "<?php echo base_url('event/new_event'); ?>",
                type : 'POST',
                data : param,
                beforeSend : function(){ },
                success : function(){
                    alert("Event created! Feel free to add as much details as you want.");
                    window.location.href = "<php echo base_url('user/dashboard'); ?>";
                complete : function(){ },
                error : function(){ }

I know the possibility that I could hardcode the URL in the request but that wouldn't be a good practice!!

2013/10/15 18:10
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