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I have a simple database application in mind and I am thinking of making it browser-accessible instead of creating a standalone one.
I almost finished creating the DB schema in a PostgreSQL Server and I will now start developing. My first idea was using PHP or Ruby On Rails to manage the backend logic and interfacing with the DB, but since this application is fairly simple I think that I can easily implement all business and data manipulation logic with JavaScript or with the DB triggers.

So I am now wondering: is there a way to directly send the queries to a PostgreSQL Server, without server-side scripting?
More generally: can a PostgreSQL(9.3) Server receive the queries in Http requests and provide the results in Http responses?

I know this might sound stupid, and I am not looking for answers like "Use JS for presentation, PHP for logic and DB for data storage". I believe this is a lightweight solution for a very simple application, so I want to try it if possible!

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