2010-09-07 16:45
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On my ASP.Net page in C#, the user is able to enter an URL (web page). When it's done, I would want to get the picture in this page. For an example of this, go on Facebook and write a status with an URL in it. A panel open with the description of the page AND the picture.

Is there a parser or a little application that I can use for this?

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在C#的ASP.Net页面上,用户可以输入URL(网页)。 完成后,我想在此页面中获取图片。 例如,在Facebook上写一个带有URL的状态。 将打开一个包含页面说明和图片的面板。


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  • weixin_33671935
    weixin_33671935 2010-09-07 18:57

    Look at this post for code on how to retrieve html DOM from an url . Once you get a reference to the IHTMLDocument3 instance, use the getElementsByTagName method to retrieve all IMG tags, and take the first.

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