markItUp for Wordpress小部件

I am using markItUp for a textarea in a WP widget (that is, on widgets.php page, while creating and editing a widget).

The textarea is markItUp'ed when I first open the widget, but after I click save the functionality is lost and I am back to a regular textarea.

I compared the source code for the before-save and after-save versions of the page and there is no difference -obviously, as the page isn't reloaded. Does jQuery need to be invoked for every ajax call?

I tried adding


inside the widget's form handling function but that didn't help. I tried to make changes binding this event to the save button too but that didn't seem to make a difference (there is a good chance that I got it all wrong).

2010/01/02 01:51
  • wordpress
  • ajax
  • jquery
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