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I'm having a lot of trouble working with CakePHP sessions and AJAX. I have an AJAX login that I use Auth->login() with, and then I add some extra parameters to the end with Session->write().

$this->Session->write('Auth.User.id', $user_grab['User']['id']);
$this->Session->write('Auth.User.auth_level', $user_grab['User']['auth_level']);
$this->Session->write('Auth.User.successful', 3);

I am using Configure::write('Session.checkAgent', false); as per some suggestions I've read.

The problem is any time I set inside this AJAX, it won't be there on any other page load: even if I do the AJAX again, after writing, and just do a read(), the read() will be empty. It's as if it just ignores the AJAX completely. Yet if I:


 $this->Session->write('Auth.User.successful', 3);


I will see what's supposed to be in the session, it just won't truly save. I can save anywhere else in non-ajax parts of the application, even just setting test session data on the index of the site. It persists.

I'm completely stuck. It seems unrelated to using Auth->login(). I am using, in AppController, both Session and Auth.

Expected behavior: being able to Session->write() in AJAX and have what I wrote be available anywhere else. To test, I was using a test action with a simple debug($_SESSION) and debug($this->Session->read()).

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