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It's strange that I didn't find anything at Google but I hope you can help me. I have a Table with different accounts. When I click on one of those rows, another table for this specific account will slide in. This "specific table" for this account needs to show some account specified data and therefore I need to tell my ajax request for what account he needs those data. The problem: I don't know how I can tell this. I never used Ajax requests without a form.

My HTML Table (I need the var $orderid for my ajax request)

foreach($data as $row)
    $orderid =$row['id'];
    $username = $row['name'];
    $done = $row['refsDone'];
    $quantity = $row['quantity'];
    $running =$row['refsRunning'];
    $untouched = $quantity - ($done+$running);
    echo "
        <tr class='header mySlideToggler'>
        <td class='align-center'>$username</td>
        <td>0 %</td>
        <td>22 Aug 2014</td>
        <td>$done / $quantity</td>
            <a href='#' class='table-icon edit' title='Edit'></a>
            <a href='#' class='table-icon expand mySlideToggler' title='Expand'></a>
            <a href='#' class='table-icon delete' title='Delete'></a>
        </tr><tr style='padding: 0'><td colspan='7' style='padding: 0'>
            <div class='slideMe' style='display: none'>
                Content of the additional info is here

My Jquery part which handles only the slide effect of the div and its trigger function:

$('.mySlideToggler').click(function( event ){

So basically my question is: How can I access the php value $orderid from my Jquery function?

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