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MVC Ajax renderaction部分

I'm a nube, so my question can be simple, but I'm already stuck for a two days because of it. So, I have an html form, in which client can leave their contact data like

    <input id="name" type="text" placeholder="Имя"><br>
    <input id="Email" type="text" placeholder="E-mail"><br>
    <input id="phonenumber" type="text" placeholder="Телефон"><br>
    <input id="adress" type="text" placeholder="Адрес"><br>
    <textarea id="comment" placeholder="Комментарий"></textarea>
    <button id="submit" class="send" value="Отправить">Отправить</button>

And I wish to catch it on my controller

public ActionResult setupRequest(AirconditioningSetupRequestModel model)
    //model goes to DB
    return View();

How can I deal with that with AJAX? Help me please.

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