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重力形式+ jQuery + PHP + Ajax

Well. This is complicated, so I'll explain it the best I can.

What Works: If you visit https://goatthroat.com, you will see a Gravity Forms form on the homepage with the heading "Find the Right Pump." Here is how this form works:

  1. 1. I have uploaded a CSV that is a table of ALL of these chemicals and their pump compatibility (see https://www.goatthroat.com/support/complete-chemical-liquid-compatibility-guide/ -- which is a table also generated by this CSV)
  2. The dropdown menu on this FIND THE RIGHT PUMP form is automatically populated from that CSV
  3. The user enters the info as prompted, and it generates a query string to return the appropriate results (i.e. https://www.goatthroat.com/pump-recommendation/?chem=3M+Adhesion+Promoter+4298UV)

Goal: On another form on another page (https://goatthroat.com/quote-request), there is ANOTHER dropdown with the same list of chemicals.

I would like to be able to incorporate their search results IN THE FORM. In other words (and I know this may seem unclear): fetch, using ajax I assume, the results of this form search LIVE and include them in the form submission.

This is a bit more technical than I usually get, so any help is much appreciated.

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