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Google independent zmNinja via F-Droid or downloadable packages (apk)

For security / privacy reasons I am using a gapps-free phone with F-Droid as main repository. I would appreciate if zmNinja could be made available on F-Droid or as downloadable package files (apk) so it could be installed / used without the need to use play store.


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  • weixin_39639643 weixin_39639643 2020-11-21 00:29

    Hi, this topic came up some time ago, and unfortunately I can't support this for many reasons:

    1. The submission guidelines are incompatible with zmNinja code & license (it uses 3rd party plugins, one of which is commercial, zmNinja is dual licensed as well)
    2. I don't have the time to maintain another apk distribution channel and keep it updated
    3. Even if I did have time to maintain another distribution channel, submitting it to F-droid will require removing non-free components and that will cascade into support issues, which I definitely don't have additional time for


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  • weixin_39525300 weixin_39525300 2020-11-21 00:29

    -orion you can use zmNinja with microG without any problem.

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  • weixin_39614561 weixin_39614561 2020-11-21 00:29

    While I understand why it may not be possible at this point, really hope this may change in the future and we might see an F-Droid release.

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  • weixin_40005795 weixin_40005795 2020-11-21 00:29

    I understand that F-Droid may not be possible, but would it be acceptable to build the APK and add it to the files you already publish (AppImage, dmg, exe) in the GitHub Releases section?

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  • weixin_39639643 weixin_39639643 2020-11-21 00:29

    No, that defeats the purpose of trying to sell it on the app store/play store. Folks so inclined should compile it on their own.

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