add OwnshipModeS to UI; tweaked Settings field validation

The OwnShipModeS value is assumed to come in as string (HEX) but goes back out as an integer, this really messes with the normal processing of configuration settings. Since teh HEX string is eas yfor users to enter in the UI, it made sense to preserve that in the UI and in the stratux.conf file. Therefore, it becomes necessary to work wit hthe HEX string in the Go code.

I was able to test all of the GO code with the exception of the makeOwnshipReport();

There was an issue when attempting to clear the WeatherList. It would not allow the list to be reset back to 'blank'. I updated the validation code to handle this. I also now detect field focus changes to trigger validation and storage rather than just triggering from the 'form submit' event.


2020/11/21 19:19
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