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Flex3 实验fusionChart 中 总是遇到 loading chart. please wait.

Flex3 实验fusionChart 例子中 总是遇到 loading chart. please wait.然后就不动了。

1,起初怀疑是data provider 没有在chart render 时 设置好, 于是 listen to chart onCreationComplete(), debug看到data provider 是设置好的。

2,查验 mx 与 spark 的区别。并没有本质区别。




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在设置flex builder 3 环境时不仅仅需要把fusionChart.swc 作为library 加到project lib里也要将fusioncharts/ 和 fusionwidgets/加到project/scr里。


Steps to Follow

The following steps will guide you through the process of integrating FusionCharts for Flex with Flex Builder 3:

Note: These instructions assume that Flex Builder 3 is set to default configuration.
1. Click File » New » Flex Project from the 'File' menu to create a new Flex project.
2.Copy the FusionCharts.swc Shockwave Component from the DISTRIBUTION_ROOT/Charts/swc/FlexSDK3 folder to PROJECT_ROOT/libs folder. The DISTRIBUTION_ROOT is the location where you have downloaded and extracted the FusionCharts for Flex archiv![CSDN移动问答][1]e.
3.Copy fusioncharts and fusionwidgets folders from the DISTRIBUTION_ROOT/Charts folder to PROJECT_ROOT/src folder. These folders contain all the Flash chart/widgets objects.

The FusionCharts.swc file acts as the library for both FusionCharts and FusionWidgets. It adds FusionCharts and FusionWidgets custom components to the Components window. The FusionWidgets functionality was added to the SWC in version 1.1.

Once you have added the FusionCharts for Flex module to your Flex project, the resulting folder structure will look similar to the figure given below:

folder structure

Note: Here, we have created a project named FusionCharts. So, an MXML file of the same name will automatically be created in the src folder.

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