Blender multi-threading

In the Blender 2.77 release notes was this dramatic announcement:

"Better threading handling: Blender is now massively multi-threaded."

After that I experienced a dramatic increase of speed, the same blistering fast speed that I can get in MMD. Based on that experience, I deduced that MMD's blistering fast speed probably comes from multi-threading.

In a later version of Blender, maybe 2.79, I remember that it was announced that Blender multi-threading was defective and had been removed from Blender. Since then I have been limping along with the same old Blender slow speed.

The Blender release notes are here:

I just looked at these release notes and I could not find the announcement of multi-threading being removed from Blender. Does anyone know what the situation is with multi-threading in Blender? I miss that increase of speed.


2020/11/22 01:40
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