METRON-1091 Package STELLAR shell as stand alone

~~This PR adds metron-deployment/packaging/archive, and the metron-stellar-shell module.~~ This PR adds a second archive product ( ${}-stand-alone.tar.gz ) to stellar-common.

This module packages a stellar shell environment that allows running stellar on a workstation that is not a dev/build machine, nor is a cluster node.

The idea is that a metron 'admin' may want to run stellar commands on his local machine.

Remote management ( config_get etc ) and profile would be useful, but have not been included. I do not believe it is realistic for the expected user to open firewall ports or have the 'confs' setup to have these functions work as they would on a metron cluster node.

This use case would seem to require REST support of some kind. Maybe a /metron-interface/metron-rest-stellar module. Or maybe when extensions come to stellar we can just do it as an extension.

Also a problem, is that there are management functions that bring in hadoop dependencies mixed in with other functions like SHELL_EDIT() that may be useful on their own.


  • package ~~- take /metron-deployment/packaging/archive/metron-stellar-shell/target/metron-stellar-shell-0.4.1-archive.tar.gz and unpack it in some directory~~ take metron-stellar/stellar-common/target/stellar-common-0.4.1-stand-alone.tar.gz and unpack it in some directory
  • run it
  • `stellar it up

Questions for reviewers

  • Where should the doc for this go?
  • What NOTICE or other Files should be in the deployed env?
  • Do we want to post this as a separate download?
  • Above questions wrt port opening and configuration

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2020/11/22 01:47
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