2020-11-22 02:34

update about us with popularity indices (en)

Updates the section about the TIOBE index which is best kept generic since the index changes frequently. The section also has been made more generic since TIOBE is not the only valid popularity index.

This PR has been opened to fix #441 and to amend #497.

Enjoy! :smile:


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  • weixin_39909366 weixin_39909366 5月前

    i suggest to drop the tiobe index link, or to expand it with more (3-4) indexes links

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  • weixin_39995351 weixin_39995351 5月前

    I absolutely agree with expanding and strongly against dropping the index (I tend to dislike text with no references).

    What other indexes can we add?

    what is your opinion on this?

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  • weixin_39611037 weixin_39611037 5月前

    cc ,

    :+1: I'm fine with only one reference.

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  • weixin_39874196 weixin_39874196 5月前

    Oops, late.

    I'm fine with the proposed wording. Indexes are flaky anyway.

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  • weixin_39611037 weixin_39611037 5月前

    I have been busy or would have merged earlier :)

    Thanks again .

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