2018 HCAL HB/HE Digi size customization

According to plans of HCAL Operations in agreement with HCAL DPG, parameters of HCAL HB/HE Digis will be chaged in 2018 1) size from current 10 to 8 2) position of SOI from 5th TS to 4th one 3) ZS regions change accordingly

NB : this PR also includes a fix of a small leftover from PR #20986 (hardcoded TS numbers). So for Run 1 data, where a group of HB/HE channels suffered from "jumping" SOI due to 3 QPLL locking problem (~2% of total number of HB/HE channels) there is a small change in the results now.

Single-pion 2018 calo scan shows a tiny bit lower energy scale for this PR wrt the reference (only visible in ECAL+HCAL sum, as DIGI rndm has changed, so both ECAL and HCAL are fluctuating a bit wrt the reference):



2020/11/22 07:14
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