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I'm starting this thread to discuss the features of our future Blender addon. There is no release date yet for this addon. But it will eventually be released before the end of 2015 and it will be open source.

Here are videos of the addon in action:

And a live app screenshot using lightmaps pre-computed by Cycles:

List of the features implemented by Aerys: - [x] Scripting: add and configure scripts to scene nodes. - [x] Update the project solution, build and run it. - [x] Automated export to Minko's .scene format (3D/2D streaming, progressive LOD, texture compression...). - [x] Lightmaps baking with Blender's Cycle engine. - [x] Real-time sync from Blender to the live running app (script properties, lightmaps, transforms...) - [x] One-click build/run for HTML5 and Android. - [x] Copy/paste scripts from one scene (node) to another. - [ ] Direct export to Minko's .scene format: currently we're doing blender => .fbx => .scene. - [ ] Physics by exporting Blender's physics parameters. - [x] One-click build/run for iOS. - [x] Add/remove scripts on the Blender scene while the app is running. - [x] Set a specific effect (file) on a Blender mesh. - [x] Per-target (win, ios, android...) scene export settings (max texture size, texture quality...). - [ ] Per-target script settings with eventually different property values for different platforms. - [x] Per-target "exclude from export" checkbox on each Blender scene node. - [x] Support for vertex target morphing animations. - [x] Option to choose between debug/release build. - [x] Live draw call, framerate and num triangle counters. - [x] Parallel texture conversion/compression. - [x] Live-sync of object visibility between Blender and the running app.

Features that could be added by the community: - [ ] Support for Bullet's vehicles.

Any suggestions?


2020/11/22 21:31
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